During my final year of university I had the opportunity to work with real companies to develop marketing plans for specific issues, the companies were having. 

Edelman was looking for a team to identify specific markets for the company to expand into through a full market analysis. We conducted the complete analysis of the market and then presented the findings to Edelman. 

The hashtag fad inspired the presentation that I designed from start to finish and was portrayed as an infographic. The infographic made the information visually relevant and easy to digest. The information was laid out so you could see the progression of the team as we made our way through our findings down the hypothetical pipeline to the winning sectors. 

The pipeline (shown below) showed the breakdown the sectors that should be entered and the top 20 businesses that we came up with for new entry in the Calgary market place. 

The chosen sectors were then broken into industry specific infographics that showed the reasoning behind the choice and what made them significant for Edelman to enter them. 

Our team came up with a process to narrow down the large initial amount of companies and classify them as Gold, Silver, and Bronze through our #HowToChooseACompany process. This process help assist Edelman in establishing a strategy for prioritization of entry into the chosen sectors and companies. Below is an example of what the chosen companies inforgraphic contained. 

Our team was successful in our project and were chosen as the winners for our brilliant thought process and professional presentation.