Accountability. My debt needs to be held accountable otherwise it will continue to rise, and I will keep shoving it under the rug not giving it the attention it deserves. Millenials face the problem of looming student debt and the inability to afford the luxuries that our parents were lucky enough to have. I wish for the things that they have, like owning property, having kids and travel, but I need to take the weight of the debt off my chest. I feel trapped and suffocated by the debt that I have incurred and I am looking to find my way out. 

The mastery of money and debt is something that I was never taught, and it is how I landed myself $66,568.52 in debt after only a mere four years in school. I need to be held accountable for the mistakes I have made and I am making a sweeping declaration that I am going to pay it off, my goal five years but the hope is WAY sooner. 

You Need a Budget (YNAB) has been my saving grace in getting my finances together, but it is time to utilize the software to pay down my debt aggressively. The blog will help to document my story about how I pay off the debt. I will share all the nitty gritty details on how I scratch my way through the repayment plan for my debt. Stay tuned for the play by play action.